Paygo Solar Systems Limited, is a registered company in Nigeria, with overseas partners, a new generation renewable energy company, that provides numerous forms of renewable energy solutions in form of mobile or specific utility functions, with an overall aim of reducing energy costs in the long run, in an environmentally-friendly manner for the environmentally conscious.


Our vision is to deliver solar energy to Nigeria and West Africa


500V PV input Off Grid Interactive Solar Inverter Hybrid 5000W

Suitable for Lithium Battery BMS, Paygo series off grid solar inverter is integrated with a MPPT solar charge controller, a high frequency pure sine wave inverter and a UPS function module in one machine. This inverter can work without batteries, can be wired in parallel to increase the output capacity. With Paygo monitoring accessory, the whole system status can be monitored anytime.

Solar Lithium Ion battery

US/UK 2000 Paygo 2.4KWh 48V solar Lithium Ion battery for low voltage energy storage system home
Size: 442*410*89 mm
Nominal Voltage: 48 V
Nominal Capacity: 50ah
Charge Voltage (V): 52.5-53.5
Discharge Voltage (V): 45 -53.5
Weight: 24kg
Depending on your energy requirements, it can be stack up nicely in a cabinet to match with your storage desire.

All In One Solar Energy Storage Systems

100~250AH Battery Size and off grid All In One Solar Energy Storage Systems Application 12v 400ah battery the PaygosparkPower lithium energy storage system for connect with solar system is a full integrated Batteries system – ready for connection. It includes all the parts built-in: inverter, lithium battery, controller, charger, management software. Easy to connecting with power source. All in one handy box. No need to buy any other parts, just use directly. Easy to connecting with power source solar system or state grid.

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